Researches and Projects

  • Software Repository Mining: Investigating Software Quality in Open Source Projects. (2019 - ) [UniAcademia] [Research]
    • Description: The historical software data that are currently stored in source code repositories can be studied to discover standards and rules that can improve the quality of the software developed and increase the productivity of the teams of the same. Aligning the teaching of programming, quality, and maintenance of software is essential to increase the quality of trained professionals. Software repository data mining has presented itself as an exciting approach to discovering previously unknown trends and patterns in data repositories.
  • Economic Analyzer (ECA) - A Platform for Economic Data Analysis. (2017 - ) [FIVJ / UniAcademia] [Research]
    • Description: Economic studies usually involve the analysis of complex data, making use of tools such as R, STATA, SPSS, or E-Views. However, these tools are independent of each other and lead the researcher to spend a long time and effort to carry out the activities, even if they answer simple questions. Another aggravating factor is that many of the tools used in economic studies are licensed, limiting their use and expansion by researchers. Based on this, the ECA proposal is to be an open-source, complimentary data analysis platform that allows researchers to centralize the analysis of their studies in a single place, which in addition to the statistical analysis available in the cited tools, possesses machine techniques learning and artificial intelligence to aid in the studies.
  • DOCPAD (2016-2018) [PUC-Rio] [Research]
    • Description: Docpad is an application to help healthcare professionals to attract more patients and treat them better, facilitating the day-to-day of the patient and health providers, allowing storage and sharing of health information, and appointment scheduling and examinations. DocPad also functions as a marketplace with an integrated communication platform, allowing appointments, surveys, and alerts with health consultations, exams, and tips.
  • Projetos Sinais Vitais (2016-2018) [PUC-Rio] [Research]
    • Description: The Vital Signs Project aims to monitor patients using sensors and monitors. The application has the integration feature with an actual hospital ICU monitor. It can consume the data of this monitor using the HL7 standard and generate diverse information to the medical staff by the smartphone in any place, not needing to be inside the ICU to obtain this information. In addition, generate alerts about the patient and send them to the doctor in charge.